Rules And Guidelines

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Rules And Guidelines

Post by Son Goku on Sat Apr 05, 2008 9:09 am

1. Be nice - It's self-explanatory, alot of people will be in the same place as you are (in the forum), everyone has different opinions and believes, so please if someone doesn't agree with you, don't complaint, just either ignore the person, or forget about the whole brawl.

2. NO S.P.A.M. - Spam stands for 'Stupid Posts Are Mocking'...Or so I say. Please don't, there is an specific section for such. And if staff sees spam, we will need to delete it, or move it to the spam section.

3. Racism, Cultural Intolerance, and Gender stereotype - Racism, cultural stereotype, or gender stereotype will not be allowed! You will either be banned for 24 hrs. or permanently!!

4. Be Clear - Please be specific as possible, if you do not wish to make a thread, simply don't. Members are NOT allowed to delete threads, only edit them. So please try to make yourself clear as can be.

5. Pornographic Material - No pornographic material allowed. No hentai, no porn, no nothing similar! If you are caught, it's a fairly simple, automatic banned...Permanent! We will not shut down the forum for your disgustingness and naivė behabior.

6. Don't go "Off-Topic" - Try and keep the discussion as it started as much as possible. If a thread gets out of hand, leave it, and contact a moderator/admin.

7. No Flaming/Trolling - Flamewars contribute absolutely nothing to the forums. Don't get aggravated. If a mod or Admin encounters a (potential) flamewar, the participants, but in any case the starter, will be warned, if not banned for a time span the moderator/admin in question deems fit.

8. No double account - The staff knows your IP adress, if we see any queer behavior, we will take a look. And your primary account will take most of the blame, other account(s), will get some actions taken aswell.

9. Follow the rules, or you will get in trouble

Any question(s), please contact the staff.

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